The Siuslaw River (pronounced sigh-YOU-slaw) is a river, approximately 110 miles long, along the Pacific coast of Oregon in the United States. It drains an area of approximately 4500 sq. miles in the Central Oregon Coast Range southwest of the Willamette Valley and is a popular river for anglers. The tidal ebbs and flows have created an ideal habitat for fish. Locals claim Fall and Winter are the opportune times.

Siuslaw River #1The headwaters of the Siuslaw mainstem, approximately 5 miles west of Cottage Grove, and Lake Creek both head in the Willamette Valley in the rain shadow of the OR Coast Range. It flows generally WNW through the mountains, past the small town Swisshome, entering the Pacific at Florence, OR. The valley of the river has been historically one of the productive timber regions in Oregon. The lower course of the river passes through Siuslaw National Forest.

Albeit, the Siuslaw is not the most popular river for water sports, the Siuslaw rapids are generally a forgiving Class I at low to moderate water levels, but they can rise to a Class III- at higher flows. At high flows paddlers enjoy surf spots above and below the confluence with Lake Creek. Most of the rapids are located between Linslaw County Park and 1.5 miles below Tide. The rest of the river meanders through formerly clear-cut landscape with trees and heavy vegetation along the banks.

The Siuslaw Estuary is another place to explore. There are currently two water trails maps, Siuslaw Estuary Water Trail 1 and Siuslaw Estuary Water Trail 2.

The Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad crosses many bridges over the river as it follows the narrow, winding valley of the Siuslaw River to the swing bridge at Cushman, Oregon before emptying into the Pacific near the Siuslaw River Bridge in Florence, Oregon.

The river ,which predominatley flows over Tyee sandstone, has historically been a to the Coho salmon, Chinook salmon, chum salmon, steelhead, and cutthroat trout. Although the current Chinook population is healthy, the Coho is a mere 5% of its historic numbers. The estuary of the river is surrounded by extensive wetlands that are a significant habitat for migratory birds along the coast. There are numerous boat launches and access points along the length of the Siuslaw River.

Just south of Siuslaw River, in Florence, Oregon, is the Honeyman Memorial State Park. The 381-site campground is the busiest in the state of Oregon. The preferred way to see the park's scenery is on foot, hiking a loop through the dunes.

Siuslaw River - Fishing Guide Service
Steelhead are available most of the year in Oregon.

Watershed of The Siuslaw Basin
A Watershed Assessment for the Siuslaw Basin.

Siuslaw River estuary
The Siuslaw River estuary is located on the Oregon coast at Florence.

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Information about the Siuslaw river provided by the Trust.

Florence Oregon Chamber of Commerce
The Siuslaw meets the Pacific Ocean in Florence.

Siuslaw River House
Swim or boat off the private dock in the warm, freshwater of the Siuslaw.

Old Town Florence Oregon
A must see when you visit Florence on the Oregon Coast.

LIVE Siuslaw River gauge readings
One of two guages is on the right bank 250 ft above Shoemaker Creek,
2.5 miles northwest of Mapleton, and at mile 23.7

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